What is Fire Safety?

What is Fire Safety?

Fire Safety
Fire safety is one of the most important components to consider when you’re either constructing a new building or renovating an existing one. After all, the last thing you’d want is for the entire place to go up in flames with absolutely no defence, which is why fire safety needs to be considered if you want to protect not just the structure, but also the people inside of it. In this article, we’re going to explain what fire safety is, why it’s important and what it consists of.

What is fire safety?

Fire safety often encompasses the use of passive and active fire protection strategies in order to safeguard your building and its inhabitants from a fire. Active fire protection refers to anything that requires user input in order to be effective against fire. This could include fire extinguishers that have to be used to combat fires or fire alarms which require the user to hear them and then take action such as phoning emergency services and getting through to the fire brigade. On the other hand, passive fire protection is about building in safeguards that will passively prevent or at least restrict fires to only burning in the compartment that they start in. This means using fire-resistant building materials, fire-rated glass and other materials to create doors, and using fire sleeves on pipes that will limit the number of ways a fire can spread from one compartment of your building to another. Fire safety also consists of adhering to any kind of local building codes in regards to fire safety. This will often depend on the type of building and also the local authorities that are in charge of these building codes. You’ll also need to follow any kind of compliance with electrical safety codes, and carry out fire risk assessments to ensure your building is safe. Proper storage of flammable materials is also very important, and properly arranging active fire protection systems will also be a vital component.

What is fire safety important?

Fire is a destructive element that can destroy property, cause injuries and even claim lives. Everyone is at risk if there’s a fire in a building, even if you’re nowhere near the source of the fire. This is because fire can spread extremely quickly and without fire safety in consideration, you could end up being responsible for the injuries or even deaths of people in the building. This is why it’s incredibly important to carry out the relevant fire safety checks and to perform assessments in order to prevent a workplace fire. By mixing both active and passive fire protection strategies, you can safeguard the lives of those in your building but also the data that could be contained in archives, hard drives and also preserve your investment. Hopefully, this article has shown you what fire safety is and its importance. No matter the size of your building or how old the structure is, there’s no excuse not to consider fire safety and how to implement these strategies into your building.