Tower Blocks

Tragedies such as Grenfell Tower have alerted property managers and owners to the dangers that exist in Tower Blocks when it comes to fires. Fires in tower blocks are particularly horrendous because emergency services can only reach so many floors. As such, many people can become trapped in their flats or on floors that are simply too high for them to be saved immediately.

Tower Block Fire Stopping

That’s why fire stopping for buildings like this is essential. With fire stopping solutions, fire can remain trapped in one area for hours providing everyone in the building more than enough time to escape safely. Regardless of how many floors a tower building has, firestopping solutions used correctly will keep all residents safe, even in the event of a fire. Fire stopping systems can even make sure that the structure and integrity of the building is maintained as the fire continues to rage.

Are you responsible for the management of a tower block?

If you are responsible for the safety of tower block residents, you need to make sure fire spreads as slowly as possible through walls, doors and to other floors. Cooke and Bern can guarantee this, offering expert fire stopping design, installation and maintenance. With systems offered in place, your residents will have the time they need to escape safely.

Be aware that various issues can impact how effectively a fire breakout can be contained in a tower block including the use of cladding and the overall design of the property. Experts in fire stopping, we can offer advice on how to make sure that your tower block reaches the highest safety standards and does not put anyone in unnecessary levels of risk. Don’t wait, get the best solution for your tower block property today.