What Is Active Fire Protection?

By preparing your building for the event of a fire, it minimises the risk of damage to property assets. There are many ways you can prevent the impact and spread of a potential fire. A key component of fire protection is Active fire protection. This type of fire protection acts as a preventative measure to […]
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Your BBQ Fire Safety Guide

When the warmer weather arrives, the first thing most of us get excited for is a BBQ. The longer days, lighter evenings and summer holidays means it’s the perfect time to get the BBQ sizzling! You can have a BBQ almost anywhere these days now, maybe you prefer to have one at home with the […]
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Camping fire safety

Camping Trip Fire Safety

Keep calm, Summer is on the way! Already organised your family holiday? If you love to spend more time in the sunshine, camping trips are an all time summer favourite for many families. They are the perfect opportunity to embrace the outdoors and enjoy the hot weather! When it comes to camping, there is endless […]
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top fire safety tips for summer

Top Fire Safety Tips for Summer

With Summer not so far away, it is important to think about the Fire Safety precautions you can take during the warmer months to prevent a Fire. With the warm temperatures, families like to take advantage of the outdoors with barbeques, Campfires etc. UK Fire Statistics, state that Secondary fires (mainly outdoor fires) made up […]
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Fire Safety Audit

What is a Fire Safety Audit?

A fire safety audit is an examination of your business premises and a fire safety inspector will provide you with relevant documents to see how your premises are being managed in terms of fire safety. When visiting your premises, a fire inspector may talk to your employees to get their understanding of fire safety and […]
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Fire Alarm Control Panel

How do Fire Alarm Systems Work?

Being one of the most devastating events possible, Fire is one of the most dangerous types of natural event to occur anywhere. Somewhere in the world a fire is happening right now as you read this. In a controlled environment, Fire can be our friend. However, there is a fine line between being our friend […]
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importance of fire safety - 2

Importance of Fire Safety Training

Knowledge that Saves Lives What is Fire Safety Training? Fire Safety Training is designed to equip you will all the basic skills and knowledge required in the event of a fire. It introduces you to fire safety precautions and fire evacuation procedures, as well as the risks associated with a fire. Fire Safety training is […]
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Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection vs Active Fire Protection

Fire protection is something that we should all be thinking about and aware of. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to fire safety matters. Your building’s fire safety can fall into a couple of different categories: passive fire protection and active fire protection. These are meant to work together in […]
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Fire Safety

What is Fire Safety?

Fire safety is one of the most important components to consider when you’re either constructing a new building or renovating an existing one. After all, the last thing you’d want is for the entire place to go up in flames with absolutely no defence, which is why fire safety needs to be considered if you […]
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Tower Block

Fire Safety in Tower Blocks

We’ve seen the amount of damage a simple house fire can cause to a poorly-built tower block. Not only can the fire spread around the inside of a tower block, but if the conditions are right and poor materials are used, it can even spread across the exterior of the tower block and completely destroy […]
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