Fire Stopping & Passive Fire Protection

Fire Stopping & Passive Fire Protection

We provide both Private & Commercial Building Services, as well as a Specialist Passive Fire Stopping Service.

Let Cooke and Bern Handle All Stages Of Your Project

  • Project Survey, Assessment, Quantifying & Pricing
  • Project Planning Time Scales, Scheduling, Manpower Requirements, Owner/Tenant Notifications.
  • Project Execution
  • Project Survey, Assessment, Quantifying & Pricing
  • Project Monitoring & Control, Owner/Tenant Liaison, Quality Control, Photographic and Written Record of Works
  • Project Closure, Handover of Work Records & Work Photographs, and Preparation of all Relevant Certificates of Conformity etc.

The Need For Fire Stopping

Fire Stopping is vital to the stability and integrity of a building or structure in the event of fire. Buildings are separated into manageable areas of risk (Fire Compartments) by the use of passive fire protection measures which have proven fire performance properties.

These fire stopping measures are designed to restrain the growth and spread of fire, allowing the building occupants time to escape safely.
It is paramount that any gaps in these fire resisting constructions are sealed to ensure the system works to it's maximum ability. Such gaps are typically at service penetrations through walls and floors, fire protection for penetrations passing through floors, walls, ductwork etc., can provide up to four hours fire resistance.