Fireproofing Commercial Buildings

Is your commercial building ready in the event of a fire?

An office property could have hundreds of workers who all need to escape the property before a fire spreads. Fire stopping systems are an essential part of guaranteeing that this does happen.
With fire stopping solutions, you can make sure that fire remains trapped in one part of the building for as long as possible. This can give employees the necessary time they need to escape. With the right fire stopping systems in place, fire can remain compartmentalised in one part of the building for hours.

Planning the environment

As well as keeping fire trapped, fire stopping systems can ensure that the issue does not spread to other areas of a business building such as the fire escape or similar exits. It will ensure insure the stability and integrity of the building remains intact in the event of a fire.
While you may assume that you already have fire stopping systems in place, such as fire resistant doors, changes to the office structure can alter the time it takes for a fire to spread. Even minor changes can impact how well your fire systems will work in the wake of this type of disaster.
Cooke and Bern provide the solutions business owners need to make sure that their office or commercial property is safe in the event of a fire. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to guarantee that employees can leave safely and that there is enough time for them to get out. With the highest quality installation and design services, we can ensure this is the case.